About Bitcoin Trader and its latest 2.0 BTC Crypto Evex version

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Being a member of the Bitcoin Crypto Evex community gains you access to the number-one cryptocurrency trading software. No previous experience or trading skills are needed in order to use it.

Our platform offers many advantages – It does the data collection, analyses the information, makes rational and emotion-free decisions, and executes trades on your behalf practically 24/7.

Bitcoin Evex Ai is much more than just an automatic trading software – it is a wholesome online trading community! Our members enjoy the benefits of being able to automatically and profitably trade cryptocurrencies online.

Crypto Evex Bot has the capability to analyze market trends and carry out automated trading actions – faster than many other trading software by 0.01 seconds.

The Benefits of Bitcoin Crypto Evex Software

Bitcoin Trader is its ability to constantly collect and efficiently analyze real-time market data. Based on that, our software places trade orders for you – faster than any other software or person. Not only does Bitcoin Trader do it faster, it also executes trades based on statistics, logic and mathematical algorithms, without the impact of human emotions, so there is no emotional trading.

Bitcoin Crypto Evex allows back staging – meaning that it allows you to test your settings based on past market conditions. This feature is a great tool to be sure that your settings choices are as profitable as possible. Your rules will be preserved and followed while our sophisticated software does all the work for you.

Bitcoin Trader has both automatic and manual options, so each user can choose the degree of involvement in the actual trade, based on a skill level, time or interest. With Bitcoin Evex Ai you can have multiple accounts, so you can test, change, compare… More trading possibilities – more profits opportunities!

The Software Solution

The Bitcoin Trader was designed to meet its purpose of being a useful, user-friendly tool for traders of any skill level, to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with maximum ease and effectiveness.

Crypto Evex Bot allows you a piece of the action without the need to spend much time and great effort which are required to study cryptocurrency trading and analysing market information and trends. Instead of the daunting task of learning to trade – let alone trade for possible profit – Bitcoin Trader is the solution which enables you to start trading without the need for prior knowledge and experience, and with as little time and effort as possible.

Bitcoin Crypto Evex Trader Review

The Bitcoin Trader software is a reliable trading tool with both manual and fully automated options, designed to execute accurate cryptocurrency trades for you. In general, Bitcoin currency trading softwares are based on algorithms which analyse the market data, open and closes trades with a proven 99.4% accuracy rate. The Bitcoin Trader has a 0.01 second advantage over any other software, which makes it the number one choice of traders.

Bitcoin Trading Software has already received the recognition of the US Trading Association, reaching first place in the Trading software category. Since it requires no download, it also gained the approval of antivirus companies.

Dragons Den

Bitcoin Trader Software is by no means related to the infamous Dragons Den Scam. Dragons Den, also referred to as Bitcoin Loophole scam, is a bait-and-switch scam, used to lure in unsuspecting users to invest in a scam, masked as an innovative startup software. The sad truth is that it did not appear on Dragon’s Den TV show and was never endorsed by the show or its cast.

It is important to understand that Dragons Den only used the original reputable software and the show’s celebrities to fraudulently trick people out of their hard earned money. It does NOT have anything to do with the real Bitcoin Evex Ai Software, and we strongly advise you keep away from any ads and publications making unsubstantiated claims.